Flower essences were first prepared in England in the 1930s by the British doctor, bacteriologist Dr. Edward Bach. Long before Dr Edwards Bach, Paracelsus (1493‐1541) the Swiss Renaissance physician, botanist and alchemist, wrote of collecting dew from blossoms to treat emotional imbalances. Flower essences are aqueous infusions of flowers, endowed with the very essence and the highest concentration of the life force of a plant. The etheric energies of the flowers are transferred into pure water and the resulting infusion, the 'mother essence', is preserved with brandy and then becomes the 'mother tincture'.  They are classified as vibrational medicine, the healing vibratory 'signature' of the flower corresponding with an emotion or state of mind, and are used to treat the emotional, mental and spiritual nature rather than the physical body. Flower essences have been described as 'liquid drops of consciousness'. They are energy medicine, and work on the etheric and subtle bodies, on the deep levels which affect the energetic patterns that influence life and consciousness.  To understand, the human being is multidimensional, consisting of body, mind, soul and spirit, it would be helpful to see how flower essences work...The founder of Findhorn Flower Essences Marion Leigh believed that flower essences encourage an alchemical transmutation of the consciousness, and they help to catalyse of the raising consciousness. 

Your practitioner Naoko will use Findhorn Flower Essences including its Elemental Essences and Gem Essences.  Naoko also will use Bach Flower Remedies, Austrian Bush Flower Essences and Cornish Holy Well Essences. We call Flower & Vibrational Essence in the site because Naoko will use not only Flower essences but also Elemental, Gem, and Holywell essences. Findhorn Flower Essences are made from organically grown wild Scottish flowers, plants and trees and prepared in pure Scottish water following the disciplines of co-creation with nature and made by the sun infusion method pioneer in the 1930s by Dr Edward Bach. The essences are made in the heart of the Findhorn Foundation which is a spiritual community, ecovillage and international centre for holistic learning, helping to unfold a new human consciousness and create a positive sustainable future.