To know 'What I am' is to undo 'what I am not'. Our true essence has never changed and has always been there as a serene presence. However 'What I am not' somehow makes itself just as real. This wrong perception might come from past events, previous life, inner child or our collective unconscious mind, or from nowhere without even realising it...and it hides our true essence as Spirit being, like a heavy cloud. For example, past experiences often manifest themselves into adulthood. Does that resonate with you?

Naoko's sessions focus on acknowledgement (or identification) and thus the undoing of those unreal beliefs and reminds us that we are Spirit as it is. This is more than a belief...this is the true nature of ourselves crystallised naturally when we undo the unreal ideas or incorrect states of mind, and when the true essence emerges.  As a result of being true essence, we feel free, feel joy, become brighter and happy for every present moment; always in peace, whatever the situation in the outer world. These experiences and gifts depend on the individual person, but surely, we are losing its heaviness and seriousness even as we speak. 

Naoko's sessions with Flower & Vibrational Essence will support and guide us during this acknowledgement (identification) and undoing process, and work multi dimensionally through the subtle levels of our human anatomy. Naoko will use Flower & Vibrational Essences with Spiritual Healing technique to clear and heal negative soul imprints, negative programming, karma, scars and all related negative emotions which can be a heavy cloud or a chain to bind us from being true essences. Naoko's approach engages both inspirational and theoretical methods. 

But more than anything, with our self-mastery mind and a responsibility toward ourselves...'How we want to be'...we can encounter our true nature and this irreplaceable and beautiful positive manner will support the healing process.  

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セッションではフラワー&ヴァイブレーショナルエッセンス がこれらの認識(確認)と取り消しの過程を多次元多方面からサポートし働きかけていきます。多次元方面からというのは人間は目に見える肉体だけの存在ではなく、エーテル体、アストラル体、メンタル体などと呼ばれる高い次元のエネルギーからなる多次元的存在であるという考え方に基づいています。セラピストはフラワー&ヴァイブレーショナルエッセンスとともにスピリチュアルヒーリングを用いて、わたしたちの本質を遮る黒雲や、しばりつける鎖のようなもの、魂に残ってしまったネガティブな痕跡、ネガティブなプログラミング、そしてそれらに関連する否定的な感情などをクリアにし、癒していきます。セラピストは直感的に論理的にと両方からのアプローチをしていきますが、なによりも本質に出会いたいと心から望む、そのかけがえのない非常に美しい思いや行動、がとても大切でありヒーリングにおいて大きなサポートになります。フラワーエッセンスに関しての詳細はFAQでもご覧いただけます。